Electrical Orbital Sander

Zipp Electrical Orbital Sander

Zipp Electrical Orbital Sander

Announcing the new ZIPP compact, light weight, optimized ergonomic design electrical orbital sander in Malaysia.

Its quiet 22V brushless DC Motor with 9 different speed option and LED display suitable for all type of sanding be it roughest till finest.

High efficiency and smooth central vacuum diversion shroud. 4.5 meter DC power cord.


Perfect match with SIA Carat sanding discs to meet the toughest sanding requirements. 


ENOVATE ZVP-7N-7747 ZNRS-71-6346 20160414


From Sanding to Polishing, we have it all

Meridian Chemical Coatings carries the whole range of Zipptool products for body and paint.

  • Pneumatic Orbital Sander
  • Dust Nib Removal
  • Polisher.

* WARRANTY against defective material and workmanship for a period of 1 YEAR for tool, 6 months for compressor.