Vibration Reduced Air Saw

Vibration Reduced Air Saw

June 26, 2017 Automotive, Aviation, Industry, Tools 0

ZS350D Air Saw

The most powerful Industrial Air Saw for clean, burr-free cuts with standard hacksaw blades in serving a wide range of industries and emergency services where reliability and durability are really matter such as Petrochemicals, Oil Rigs, Power Stations, Public Transport Facilities, Coal Mines, Fire Brigades, Airways & Airport Facilities, Railway, Garages, Car Manufacturers, Commercial Vehicle Builders, Boat Building, Reinforced Fiberglass, Shipyard use, Ministry of Defense-Army, Navy, Air Force, etc.


  • Used throughout fiberglass boat building and car body repair shop industries.
  • Powerful enough to easily and quickly cut through steel
  • flexible enough to efficiently and accurately cut in even the most awkward place

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Extremely Low Vibration : 5 m/s2
Stroke Length: 45 mm
Ideal for extreme heavy duty applications.


Very handy vibration and noise reduced air saw of 10 mm & 5 mm strokes, suitable for more delicate job.


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