Vibration Reduced Riveting Hammer & Bucking Bar

Vibration Reduced Riveting Hammer & Bucking Bar

June 26, 2017 Aviation, Industry, Tools 0


The new ZRH riveting hammer is designed to minimize the vibration while maintaining high tool performance.

  • Vibration is reduced by an effective air cushion behind the hammer piston. l Parts are interchangeable with RRH series.
  • Streamline profile & adjustable power.
  • Equipped with universal swivel air inlet joint for the best maneuverability.


An efficient riveting system consists of shock reduced bucking bar with shock reduced riveting hammers.

  • Self-adjustable – SA models feature a self-adjusting shock reducing system with compressed air supply.
  • SP models use a spring as shock reducing element and consequently do not require the air supply.
  • Flexible – The bucking bars can fitted with several different interchangeable dolly configurations via a quick change retainer for maximum flexibility

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Traditional Air Riveting Hammers.

* WARRANTY against defective material and workmanship for a period of 1 YEAR for tool, 6 months for compressor.

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