Two Star 24V DC Oil Less Air Compressor with 12 Liter Tank


Two Star CT-D112-DC24V is a high efficiency weatherproof high flowrate long duty cycle DC oil less mini portable professional air compressor with 12 liter storage tank for on-site in situ engineering maintenance, air horn, air brake, air locker, air suspension, roadside assist, fire engine, bus, truck pneumatic control, pantograph booster etc.

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Product Information


You do not have to worry about its installation, connection and configuration. Just need to fix the crocodile clip on the car battery, and it works already. It could be transferred from car to car with minimum adjustment. It’s a whole kit for you. You have a significant period of tasks! The material is suitable for single as well as multi-compressor systems. Their pieces can be assembled independently and quickly.



This Air Compressor has several advantageous features; for example, it can guide you on inflating tires, driving professional power tools, greasing, in-situ maintenance etc. With several tools, our powerful air compressor becomes the power source for on-site jobs.


A stable foot ensures that the air compressor stays in place even during operations. Our air compressor is extremely powerful and has a direct inflation pump with large cylinders. Also, the air compressor engine’s direct-drive ensures that the drive runs at the lowest resistance for the highest efficiency. The air compressor operates very efficiently and it is equally eco–friendly as it uses micro oil lubrication technology. Hence its environmentally friendly design.


Our compressor can reach up to 10 bars (145 psi) and virtually any form of tire can be inflated, including wide tires. Besides, our compressor can reach 110 nlpm with a single piston. This is unmatched by a regular gas kiosk compressor that could only be 115 psi. The workings of the reciprocating piston air compressor, the operation of the piston back and forth, the air sucked into the cylinder, Pistons reach the vertex compressed air to the gas storage bucket, thus achieving the compressed air effect.


We use micro oil lubrication technology, which provides better screening, which can achieve higher pressures than any other piston. Minimum oil used throughout the process, minimizing the maintenance job.


The extremely portable super-mighty air compressor provides a 40 minutes continuous service cycle. The potential is tremendous. Two Star DC air compressor can reach up to 10 bars (145 psi) and virtually any form of the tire can be inflated, including large wide tractor tires.


Two Star DC air compressor can be used easily for a long time. This means that this company is trustworthy. In general, it’s ideal for maximum SUV and truck types. We strongly recommend that you own this and appreciate the great stuff. At the same power level, we have the maximum airflow volume compared with our competitors.



19.7 kg


55.0 × 27.0 × 55.0 cm




110 liters/min (3.88 cfm)

No of Cylinder

1 (one)

Working Pressure

8 kg/cm2 (115 psi)

Maximum Pressure

10 kg/cm2 (142 psi)

Air Tank

12 liters

Net Weight

17.3 kg


480 mm (L) x 273 mm (width) x 502 mm (height)

Power Source

24V DC @ 20 Amp

DC Power Cord

150 cm with crocodile clip

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