TWO STAR 220V AC Oil Free Air Compressor with 50 liters tank

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Operation principle
The workings of the reciprocating piston air compressor, the operation of the piston back and forth, the air sucked into the cylinder, Pistons reach the vertex compressed air to the gas storage bucket, thus achieving the compressed air effect. product can be Placement Placed Horizontally. Not worry air compressor inclination lead to cylinder lubricating oil damage issue & Oil spill issue.

Product Features
Is a oil-free air compressor, uses composites piston and the cylinder to have smooth and longer life operation. This  compressor is a professional industrial compressor with the lightest weight of its peers in the market of similar capacity powered by any household AC220V.

Inflatable Speed
0 Kg to 10 Kg, Test Report only needs for 12 minutes. (Collocation 50 Liters Air Tank)

Product Use
This product is ideal to be used at indoor DIY project, carpentry at site renovation, inflating tires, pneumatic tools, art painting, cleaning cars etc. As its small and lightweight, mobility at site would be great advantage……


Power: 2.5 HP
Displacement: 210 liters/min
No of Cylinder: 1
Working Pressure: 8 kg/cm2 (115 psi)
Maximum Pressure: 10 kg/cm2 (142 psi)
Air Tank: 50 liters
Net Weight: 29.1 kg
Dimension: 771 mm (L) x 295 mm (width) x 675 mm (height)
Power Source: 220V AC @ 4Amp
Motor: 4 poles brushless motor with overheat cut off
AC Power Cord: 200 cm
Plug: 3 pins UK