Two Star FD-D2S-DC12V 12V DC Oil Free On Board Air Compressor

USD 900.00
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Operation principle

The workings of the reciprocating piston air compressor, the operation of the piston back and forth, the air sucked into the cylinder, Pistons reach the vertex compressed air to the gas storage bucket, thus achieving the compressed air effect.

Product Features

1.This product is designed for Free-oil air compressor to Use of composites piston and cylinder to maintain the smooth and longer life, thus achieving the operation when the exhaust pressure and displacement of larger models.

2. This product is carefully designed to put all the accessories assembled motor collectively referred to as a separate air compressor, suitable for car space FD-D2S required with a Air Tank barrel, providing FD-D2S air compressor is compressed out of gas storage, fixed at suitable position, connect the battery, go out to work, outdoor activities, the most convenient.

3. The product can be installation Placed Horizontally. Not worry vehicle body inclination lead to cylinder lubricating oil leakage issue.

Product Use

This product may bring to outdoor camping, inflating tires, pneumatic tools, auxiliary air braking system, air locker, art painting, wide range of uses and can be directly loaded in the jeep, large vans, construction vehicles, sprinkler vehicles, fishing boats, aquatic transportation vehicle, road rescue vehicles, excavators, farm machinery,trucks, trucks, container trucks, oil trucks, buses, military vehicles, loading trucks, 4×4 / Off-Road, etc.


Power: 3.5 HP

Displacement: 400 liters/min

No of Cylinder: 2

Working Pressure: 8 kg/cm2 (115 psi)

Maximum Pressure: 10 kg/cm2 (142 psi)

Net Weight: 19.7 kg

Dimension: 410 mm (L) x 310 mm (width) x 315 mm (height)

Power Source: 12VDC @ 50Amp